2020 Feast Of Tabaski : Cameroon Grasps The Preparation Fever

A good feast is a consequence of a perfect preparation, this probably justifies the hustle and bustle by the Muslim faithful in Cameroon some hours to the traditional feast of the Tabaski to be celebrated this July, Friday 31st, 2020.


The Tabaski or Eid al-Adha, the most important holy day on the Islamic Calendar observed as a public holiday in Cameroon is usually celebrated in grandeur with images worth the weight.

The cities are gradually wearing the colours of a big feast some hours to the D-day.


In a town like Yaounde, sheep markets are flooded with Muslim, a good number of the buyers are family heads hustling soo hard to get a sheep no matter the momentary price hikes.


The sheep, one of the most important ingredients of the feast is slaughtered after public mosque and prayer sessions. The preceding animal sacrifice, be it a cow, sheep or other livestock signifies submission to Allah according to a Muslim faithful, Fonyuy Houssein Mohammad.

The increasing number of Muslim women in market places in the town is mostly visible in the areas where species are being sold. Many are struggling to get their various foodstuffs and ingredients depending on the special dishes they will prepare.

In a beauty saloon at Briquitterie, a Muslim populated neighbourhood in Yaounde, a young muslim called Rukkayah like many others are seated waiting for their turn to be attended to.

Next door, decorations are going on, the ladies are having their hands, legs decorated with drawing in different colours and styles with a special liquid known to them as ”Lilly”.

Adidja Oumarou is interested in getting scented perfumes with the best fragrances for the big feast.

Muslim populated areas in town have gradually become busy hubs as everyone hustle to make the feast festive.

The Feast In The Context Of #COVID19

The Tabaski this year 2020 will be celebrated when the world is plagued by a health crisis the #COVID19.

In Cameroon like in many countries the traditional enlarged gatherings and feasting have been reduced to households.

On July, Sunday 26th, 2020, the Islamic Cultural Association of Cameroon noted that morning prayers on the feast day will be strictly done inside the mosques and not in public spaces as before.

The Muslim faithful are also advised to respect the physical social distancing, wear face masks and go home immediately after the prayers.

This falls in line with government measures to fight the Coronavirus pandemic.

Worthy of note is the fact that, the 2020 Pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia was this year limited to only the citizens as a means to reduce the continuous spread of the virus.

Benly Anchunda

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