CEMAC: Experts Of PREF-CEMAC Dot The “I”s In Prelude Of The Council Of Ministers Of Finance And The Economy Of CEMAC Sub-Region

The chairman of PREF-CEMAC monitoring Committee, Antoine Ngakegni, has presided over a two day meeting with experts from the Sub-Region with relations to PREF-CEMAC.

Ahead of the upcoming 11th Ordinary Session of the monitoring committee, experts of CEMAC’s Economic and Financial Reforms Programme dubbed PREF-CEMAC of the sub region met via vide conference, in preparations of the 11th Ordinary Session of the PREF-CEMAC Steering Committee schedule for Friday, July 31, 2020. (Link)

Speaking at the Monitoring Committee meeting, the chairperson of the Committee, Antoine Ngakegni made an evaluation of the impact of COVID-19 on the CEMAC Sub Region, which he said was akin to all the other regions of the world. In his own words the chairman said, “our community has been hard hit by the economic and social consequences of the corona virus pandemic”.

However, to address this pandemic, Ministers incharge of Economy and Finance met in Brazzaville on March 28, 2020, to adopt urgent measures which would permit their economies and health systems to be resilient vis- a-vis the pandemic. He proceeded by stating that owing to the reforms made in the PREF-CEMAC Monitoring Matrix Of Actions and the urgent measures taken by member countries, of consite with the support of community institutions and the various support provided by Tecnical and Financial partners, the current subregional economic environment is unstable certainly, but still under control.

The two days proceedings that went from July 22 to 23, 2020, with a team of experts drawn from all the CEMAC member states working directly or indirectly with the Permanent Secretary of PREF-CEMAC, Professor Michel-Cyr Djiena Wembou and the chairman of the monitoring committee, Antione Ngakegni, amongst others.

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