COVID-19 : Arthur Zang’s medical oxygen solution to improve treatment

Oxygen National Network-Oxynnet , is the latest medical oxygen solution to persons suffering from respiratory diseases, including COVID-19 in Cameroon. It is  an initiative of inventor of the Cardiopad, Arthur Zang. 

Arthur zang is CEO of Himore Medical and inventor of the Cardiopad

The connected medical oxygen production station was invented in Cameroon by the Himore Medical Team.

Arthur Zang , CEO of  Himore Medical , diclosed his centre’s most recent  innovation on his Facebook page on July 06, 2020, commending  his team’s relentless efforts to succeed with the ground-breaking innovation . He said; “To great problems, great therapies, because great solutions require great teams”.

It is a solution that will resolve respiratory symptoms in COVID-19 patients, and persons suffering from other respiratory diseases like asthma, flu, pneumonia and tuberculosis.

According to Himore Medical,  95% of medical oxygen is needed for the treatment of COVID-19 patients. Among 350 deaths in Cameroon ,  many are linked to respiratory  distress.

About 79% of patients in enclaved zones have to cover long distances to get to specialized hospitals in cities, which are generally more equipped. But such patients are usually required to pay up to FCFA 10,000 for an hour on medical oxygen.

Oxynnet comes as a cost effective, and timely solution for patients grappling with respiratory diseases in Cameroon, particularly  COVID-19.

Himore Medical wants to make medical oxygen accessible to patients not just in Cameroon, but in other African countries. Accordingly, a plant for the production of medical oxygen stations, and a network for the production of medical energy will be set up in different parts of Africa.

How does Oxynnet work ?

Oxynnet is connected to an electrical network from which it is powered. It is then linked to a solar panel out of the hospital for continuous power supply in case of power failures.

The inventor says every station set up in the hospital can continuously produce 60 litres of medical oxygen per minute.

This oxygen will be delivered to the patients through the masks. And respirators will also be adapted to each outlet on the network for efficient delivery of oxygen to patients. Oxynnet can be controlled with the use of an android handset.

The Oxynnet project has already won the United Nations Development Program -UNDP  competition for the best technological innovation to fights fight  the deadly virus in Cameroon. Himore Medical says, the Ministry of Public Health has placed the first order of the Oxygen National Network.

Kathy Neba Sina 

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