COVID-19 : Authorities and traditional healers seek a cure

Researchers and traditional healers in Cameroon are joining forces to accelerate the search for treatment options for COVID-19 .

Research efforts are championed by Cameroon’s Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation.

On July 15, researchers and traditional healers gathered at the Institute of Medical Research and Studies of Medicinal Plants in Yaounde to chart a  way forward to an anticipated solution for the disease.

Discussions were chaired by Cameroon’s Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation, Dr. Madeleine Tchuente.

She was accompanied by the Minister of State, Minister of Higher Education, Jaques Fame Ndongo, and the Ministers of Public Health, Dr. Manaouda Malachie  and Basic Education, Laurent Serge Etoundi Ngoa.

Traditional healers came along with remedies that have reportedly cured the disease in some people, though without scientific evidence.

Among the traditional healers was His Grace Samuel Kleda , creator of the ELIXIR COVID-19 and ASDAK COVID-19, said to have treated over 8000 patients suffering from the disease.

The Archbishop of the Douala Metropolitan Diocese was among the first traditional healers to come up with  a traditional remedy.

After clinical trials , the archbishop says he is expecting the government to formally recognize his treatment for COVID-19, and facilitate mass production of the drug that can be  exported to other countries.

Since the global health pandemic was reported in Cameroon, many patients have turned to traditional healers for treatment.

At a time when the world is in search of a cure for the chronic respiratory disease, traditional healers and researchers are carrying out clinical trials of traditional medicines that have proven to be  effective in alleviating symptoms of the disease.

Kathy Neba Sina

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