#COVID19: Recreational And Sporting Facilities, Parcours Vitas Temporally Closed

Recreational and Sporting facilities commonly known in Cameroon as Parcours Vitas have remained closed for over three months for fear of continuous contamination and spreading of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The sites in the cities of Yaounde, Douala, Bamenda and recently Ngaoundere closed their doors to users in March 2020, in accordance with the measures taken by the President of the Republic through the Prime Minister’s Office to fight the killer virus.

The physical fitness, exercise and leisure centres seemingly look abandoned as its regular users are nowhere to be found as a result of the Coronavirus scare.

In Yaounde, the Parcours Vita located at the foot of the Mont Febe, on the left side of the road leading to the Mont Febe Hotel, one can see the green gate of the sports facility closed but some few staff are wandering around and about.

One of them who prefers to be called Wandji is busy cleaning the sporting ground and cutting the grass to make sure the one time busy hub does not get burried with grass.

Mr Wandji who is one of the instructors in the fitness centre has been given different assignments since the structure is temporary closed to users.

He says many sport lovers keep calling to know when the facility will be open for use. Others have taken up the challenge themselves and are either engaging in group sports walks, jogging, exercising in gyms or any other activities that keep them fit.

Women who made a fortune from selling water, beverages, fruits amongst many other things have temporally bowed out meanwhile some still loiter around on weekends with their businesses inorder to woo those who come around for a walk up the steep mountain.

A city dweller like Abbas Umaru and one who registered up for fitness sessions at the Yaounde Parcours Vita, sounds disappointed but the health of the citizens is primordial.

These recreational and fitness structures was a gift from the Head of State, President Paul Biya to help engage the city dwellers in exercises and leisure.

The sporting facilities are constructed by the Engineering Corps of the Cameroonian military and handed over to the city delegate for control and maintenance

Benly Anchunda

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