CRTV Regional News is Back

The Regional News on the Cameroon Radio Television resumes this Monday, July 27, 2020 at 6pm prompt.

This special edition of the Regional News that in the past, showcased activities in the regions had been removed from CRTV’s programme guide for over a year now.

The Regional News was scrapped off and sent to the all-news Channel, CRTV News in another format at 5pm.

La #CRTV se reconnecte au quotidien des #régions.

uo CRTVweb ʎq pəʇsod ʎɐpɹnʇɐS, ʎlnՐ 25, 2020

Why Re-introduce the Regional News?

“For one to watch the Regional News, one had to go to CRTV News. In order to capture CRTV News, one needs a satellite dish or Canal Satellite package which tends to be expensive. So a lot of complains came from the public in other regions. The numerous cries reached the Director General who gave firm instructions and a date for the return of the Regional newscast,” Editor-in-Chief in charge of Day Part, Department of TV News and Information, Bennen Buma Gana explains.

Something New in the Pipeline

The Editor-in-Chief says the Regional News will have new orientations including:

– News of the day which focuses on what is happening around the country.

– News of the day in each of the regions covered.

– Interesting feature stories from the regions.

– Focus on outstanding people in the regions as guests.

– The news agenda of the regions (announcing future events)

The Regional News will be replayed on CRTV News at 10:30pm on the same day.

Presenters preparing for Regional News

This first edition of the “newlook” Regional newscast will be presented by Tatiana Ombede and Mukwelle Princewill.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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