Football: FIFA Boss, Gianni Infantino Under Investigation Over Criminal Claims

The President of world football governing body, FIFA, Gianni Infantino is presently under the spyglass of the Swiss corruption watchdog on claims of breach of trust, fraud, embezzlement and money laundering.

The FIFA Chief, Infantino will be investigated alongside Attorney General, Michael Lauber, two men who a series of undocumented meetings, at a time Lauber’s office was under investigation.

The Attorney General’s office is presently conducting around 25 criminal investigations alongside 15 foreign law enforcement agencies charged with ensuring transparency in football.

On June 29, 2020, Switzerland named a Stefan Keller, special prosecutor to review criminal complaints against FIFA chief Gianni Infantino.

The watchdog investing the prosecutors revealed that, the lawmakers conducting the impeachment process requested to review Infantino’s conduct in the investigation after three criminal complaints were filed.

Adding to the three already established complaints, a fourth criminal allegation has been raised against the FIFA boss.

The two men have denied any wrongdoing.

Worthy noting is the fact that, the Swiss court had earlier warned Lauber to stay away from the numerous meetings with Infantino.

Many legal minds and lovers of football say the corruption case is yet another replay of the 2015 mismanagement case filed against the then FIFA President, Sepp Blatter.

The case investigated by the U.S. Federal prosecutors landed Sepp Blatter a six-year ban from FIFA.

As of now, if the present President of FIFA if found guilty, he will be impeached and the top FIFA post vacant.

The Italian Swiss national, replaced Sepp Blatter as FIFA Chief on February 26, 2016.

Benly Anchunda

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