Football: The Profile Of Coaches In National Selections

A football coach should not just have the in-depth knowledge in football, he or she should have the right coaching methodology, personality and all round management skills.


Football coaching can be quite challenging especially when one has to deal with young children who have just began playing football.

Taking Cameroon as a case study, a coach must be trained, he or she can either be a sports teacher or has got certifications in football coaching at the national, continental or international levels.

The licenses are rightfully issued by the FECAFOOT, CAF and UEFA/FIFA.

In football, certification is not enough as compared, experience on the field as a coach is a fine ingredient in the career path of a good football tactician.

To be a coach in a category like the Under 17 (U-17) requires that one should have a rich knowledge of dealing with children. This is because training children is quite difficult and must be done judiciously.

The coach in question must present a credential of his experiences in a football academy amongst many other requirements.

A coach in this category is preferably a sports teacher or a non-sports teacher who has been on the field for a long period of time.

It is very important for a football tactician to have broad knowledge in the various football training techniques and should be able to read and write.

He or she is a teacher, one with a rich pedagogy, one who can help manage with the psychology of players.

Apart understanding the game of football, a coach should possess skills in education, he should be a technician and one with a high moral standing quite appealing to the players.

Coaches should be a good communicators, and people in whom the players see as a father, a mother, a friend and a player.

A good coach is a good manager.

Some Qualities Of A Good Coach

#Good role model
#Look professional on the job
#Have patience in the face of everything
#Have good communication skills
#Be punctual
#Good listener
#Have confidence.

Going by the international rules, a coach in the national team should have worked in the professional league for five years.

Players with international recognition, reputation and titles are better placed to be coaches.

It is important to note that a coach should be able to know names of players, ages and profiles of the players.

In Cameroon, the National Technical Directorate at the FECAFOOT, DTN is charged with upgrading coaches through refresher courses, seminars and workshops.

Benly Anchunda

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