Murder Of #FlorenceAyafor: Two Suspects Identified

Two presumed killers of 46 year old, Prison Warden in Bamenda, Florence Ayafor have been identified and presented to the public by the Ministry of Defence.

                Roger Ngu and Niba Innocent Akuma

The two from a gang of seven are 31 year old Niba Innocent Akuma born in Santa Njong and 30-year old Ngu Roger born in Bamenda, all from the North West region of Cameroon.

The prime suspects were presented to men and women of the press on July 10, 2020, at the courtyard of the Ministry by the Communication department.

According to the communication office of the Ministry of Defence, intelligence provided by local sources led to the incarceration of Niba Innocent Akuma and his collaboration with the security forces brought to law his accomplice, Ngu Roger.

In the later hours of June 24, 2020, Ngu Roger was caught while in the act of his clandestine operations at the Ndombo-Bonaberi neigbourhood in Douala.


The two presumed killers will be handed over to the special judicial police unit for further investigations.

The Gruesome Murder Of #FlorenceAyafor

On September 29, 2019, Florence Ayafor, a mother of three was returning from a funeral of a closed one in Pinyin, Santa Subdivision of the North West region, when she was attacked and killed in an unthinkable manner.

The 46-year old woman was abducted from a from a vehicle by unidentified gunmen along the Bali- Bamenda road.

Videos later circulated on the social media the following day on September 30, with Florence Ayafor’s body tied and dragged stark-naked with legs wide apart. With a rope on her neck, late Florence Ayafor was dragged for several hundred of meters.

The gruesome video that shocked the national and international community showed how she was raped, killed and her body mutilated and, brandished.

Her mutilated head was later dropped off beside her body as the murderers made fun of the tragedy.

Who Was #FlorenceAyafor?

The late lady was a prison warden at the Bamenda Central Prison before the nefarious act and inhumane treatment any human should receive.

Florence Ayafor graduated from the National School of Penitentiary Administration, ENAP in Buea, South West region in 2004.

The 46-year old died leaving behind three kids.

Benly Anchunda

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