Reconstruction Of NW/SW: 12 Day Awareness And Sensitization Mission Ends

The National Coordinator of the Presidential Plan for the Reconstruction and Development of the North West and South West Regions, Minister Paul Tasong, has rounded up a twelve day mission on awareness and sensitisation in both regions.

He said during the mission they understood the specific needs of the people and ensured that the beneficiary population of the regions really understood the construction processes that will be carried out.

He also express gratitude to the population who have accept to take advantage of the plan to improve the living conditions of the peoples of the two regions.

Minister PaulTasong indicated that during the meetings with representatives in different area, they notice a lot of anxiety and willingness despite the though atmosphere as the fear factor used by belligerents remain present.

Despite the challenges, the people braved the odds to share their views and expectations with regards to the plan. “Their contributions will also help in strengthening the tools we intend to put in place”, he said.


Worries Of Insecurity

Minister Paul Tasong explained that the main worry expressed by the population was that of insecurity. They said that it was unusual to talk reconstruction when the guns are still smoking.

The Minister’s respond was that activities were taking place in several fronts to resolve the conflict and the plan is not an end in itself but an additional instrument to drive the peace process because peace boils down to the individual, the households and the community.

“One can’t absolutely talk of peace without taking into consideration the comfort of the people and the other instrument of peace which is the plan will continue to do its share so that the ultimate objective which is peace can be attained.”

He said, adding that the presidential plan for the reconstruction and development of the North West and South West regions is that instrument which should fast track the return to peace.


The Drive Towards Peace

The National Coordinator of the Presidential Plan for the Reconstruction and Development of the North West and South West Regions said, the populations of the two regions have really been in dye stress for almost two years and he believes that the situation cannot get any worse.

He explained that the graph of the crisis had peaked but the curve is now on it’s downwards turned and it will eventually be flattened as ultimately peace will return to reign in a sustainable manner throughout the two regions.


Reconstruction Of North West And South West Has Started

Minister Paul Tasong, said on CRTV’s flagship radio program, Cameroon Calling that the implementation of the reconstruction plan has begun in the two regions.

“The physical reconstruction is what everybody is looking up to, but there is a lot of construction of the mind set which many people we contacted thought it was important.

What is done is, laying out all the components and activities of the plan, many of which do not necessarily consists of physically constructing the two regions but rather, building capacity and equipping the community with tools of conflict resolution.” Paul Tasong explained.

He added that one of the aspects that the crisis has brought to bear is the destruction of the social cohesion, that thing which bins the community together, that elements which permits people to live together in harmony has been seriously affected.

So, besides physically transforming or bringing back the two region to acceptable standards of living and the same level of happiness that reigns in the other eight regions of the country, we need to be able to reconstruct, redefine and set in motions the activities with the ultimate objective of helping communities trust themselves and institutions which form part of this communities.

The plan also looks forward to building the capacities of community based organizations, which is an important facet in the peace process.

In carrying out an analysis of the beneficiaries plan who are victims of the crisis, its important to note that the aspects of living together has been seriously affected and a lot of emphasis and focus will be laid on making sure that people are able to live together and trust each other as was the case before 2016.

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