Who was Zindzi Mandela

Born on December 23, 1960, Zindzi Mandela was Nelson Mandela’s sixth child and second with his wife, Winnie Madikizela Mandela.

She was the third of three daughters Nelson Mandela had.

During her lifetime, Zindzi Mandela was a Diplomat and Poet.

Zindzi’s Childhood

Zindzi Mandela was 18 months old when her father was sent to prison.

Later when Zindzi’s mother was sent to prison for a couple of months, she was taken care of by her elder sister, Zenani Mandela.

Zindzi is remembered as the person who read out Nelson Mandela’s rejection of President PW Botha’s offer for conditional release from prison in February 1985, if he denounced the violence that was carried out by his anti-apartheid movement, the Africa National Congress.

When Winnie Mandela was banished to the Orange Free State in 1977, Zindzi went to live there with her until they later returned to Soweto.

Educational Life

Zindziswa Mandela studied law at the University of Cape Town and earned a Bachelor of Arts in 1985.

Zindzi the Poet

Zindzi Mandela’s poetry was published in 1978 in Black as I Am.

Her works also featured in Somehow we Survive: An Anthology of South African Writing and Daughters of Africa.

Zindzi the Ambassador

Zindzi Mandela was South Africa’s Ambassador to Denmark from 2015 till her death.

She was recently designated as South Africa’s Head of Mission to Monrovia, Liberia.

The fifty-nine year old was also known for her vocal support for land reforms in South Africa.

Family Life

Zindzi was first married to Zwelibanzi Hlongwane and later to Molapo Motlhajwa in March 2013.

Zindzi died on July 13, 2020, leaving behind four children: Zoleka Mandela (1980), Zondwa Mandela (1985), Bambatha Mandela (1989) and Zwelabo Mandela (1992).

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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