Yaounde: Landslide Burries A Worker At A Quarry Site In Leboudi

One person has been reported dead after being burried by an eroding soil at a quarry site at the Leboudi neighbourhood, in Yaounde 7, Okola Subdivison

The victim , a bulldozer driver was pulled out of the soil by some workers , but he could not breathe, and later gave up the ghost.

According to Henri Nyebe, a close colleague to the late man, it happened during break time on Saturday , July 4, 2020 just few minutes after he went to get something to eat hoping to return and take over from the protagonist.

Seated in a makeshift restaurant a few meters away, he heard a strange noise and before he could look around, a landslide had occured, burrying his colleague on the bulldozer.

Henri and some other colleagues rushed to the scene, but their attempts to rescue the man proved futile as he was already in a critical situation.

The eroding soil overturned the heavy work materials, destroyed and even burried some construction equipment.

The landslide covered a surface area of 20 square metres in a very short while with massive debris.

This unfortunate incident occured a day after a series of heavy downpours were in Yaounde.

An expert has blamed the mudslide on disturbances in the natural stability of a slope accompanied by heavy rains or follows.

Meantime, the Divisional Officer of Okola- Yaounde VII Subdivision, Olomo Andre Christian has ordered that work at the site be temporally halted at the site of the project manned by a Chinese company.

The administrator says he has given instructions for a head count of all workers, and the reinforcement of safety measures in a bid to avoid similar cases in the future.

Floods were also witnessed after the downpour in some neighbourhoods of Yaounde and Douala

Benly Anchunda

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