COVID-19: Authorities adopt search and screen strategy

Two weeks after the Mobile Testing strategy was launched to fish out positive cases from communities,  Public Health authorities say figures of persons screened have not reached targeted projections.

Many people have avoided both the fixed screening centres and Mobile Testing caravans that have been stationed in populated public spaces screening people for the virus.

Mobile Testing is a new screening strategy that was introduced to accompany the fixed screening centres and increase the number of  people screened for the virus .

Although more people have deserted the screening centres, Public health experts say the target to screen as many people as possible, has not changed.


To achieve this objective, the officials say they will go to strategic locations in search of people.

Speaking in Crtv’s 7:30pm news, Dr. Erick Tandi, a public health expert said “We’ve been asking the population to go to designated centers for screening, but we’ve realized that not everyone is doing so. As a result, we’ve decided to get to the population in order for them to have access to the test”.

Sensitization  is now  focused on  communities.

In the days ahead, mobile screening caravans will visit public places like churches, markets and offices  to screen, educate and disinfect .

The decentralization of the screening process will enhance the role of community leaders in educating their populations on the importance of having themselves screened for the disease.

The mobile screening exercise will take place for one month. At the end of the exercise , experts will be able to have a clear picture of the COVID-19 situation in Cameroon.

Kathy Neba Sina

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