COVID-19: Cameroon among countries with high recovery rate

Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea are the two African countries that have recorded a remarkable recovery rate of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With 16,335 recoveries, Cameroon’s  recovery rate is currently 91.27%, far higher than other African countries which unfortunately keep witnessing a rise in new cases.

According to the Africa Centre for Disease Control, Cumulative cases of the virus in Africa now number 962,290 alongside 19,225 deaths.

As of August 17, 2020, Cameroon counts 18,118 confirmed cases, among them 787 children. A total of 403 deaths have also been reported, representing a 2,22% case-fatality rate. Among the confirmed cases are 1177 active cases, most of them, asymptotic.

Cameroon’s Road to  Success

Although Cameroon has crossed the threshold of 18,000 cases, public health officials say the response strategy has been very effective in managing the cases.

Cameroon had an early response to COVID-19, and a well structured response plan.

Soon after the pandemic was reported in the country, the government set up a decentralized and multisectoral response strategy, aimed at flattening the curve of the pandemic .

But setting up the Public Health emergency Operations Centre well ahead of the pandemic, helped to strengthen the national capacity to respond to health emergencies.

Cameroon also counts 15 testing reference laboratories with molecular acid for COVID19. These facilities eased early tracking, testing and treatment . It also reduced the case fatality rate.

According to Dr. Fokam Joseph, a Virologist, the country’s response to COVID-19 and preventive measures greatly contributed to Cameroon’s success story . However, the health expert says it is not yet time to rejoice, everyone should stick to the preventive measures.

Kathy Neba Sina 

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