COVID-19 : Health experts warn the virus could rebound

COVID-19 infections in Cameroon are on a downward trend, but public health experts have warned that the virus could re-emerge if preventive measures are not respected.

In recent weeks, health experts have witnessed fewer positive cases of the deadly virus, compared to previous weeks.

A new screening strategy, Mobile  Testing, was recently launched across the national territory to fish out positive cases, but experts are seeing fewer cases as the days go by.

Recent figures from the Public Health Ministry shows 17,255 confirmed cases , 15 320 recoveries and 387 deaths. The figures are stratified as follows;

-Active cases #1,548
-Hospitalized cases # 155
-On Oxygen #09
-Recovery rate #88.78% ,
-Lethality rate #2.2%
-Severity rate #0.5%
-Bed occupancy rate #4.9%
-Number of Rapid Diagnostic tests carried out #149,000

In a recent tweet, Dr. Manaouda Malachie said, “The pandemic is not over let’s redouble our vigilance”.

Accordingly, Cameroonians are called upon to not let off their guard. Authorities say respecting preventive measures is still crucial to determining whether or not, the virus will rebound.

What is the way out?

According to Health experts , strictly  respecting preventive measures is the only solution to keeping the virus at bay , once and for all.

According to Dr. Lucien Mama, Head of the Cité Verte District, a health District located in the nation’s capital, rhe virus could bounce back,  if preventive measures are no longer respected. He calls on all Cameroonians to commit themselves to this recent health ritual.

“The virus is still amongst us. Let’s respect the preventive measures, including wearing masks, washing hands, reducing  handshakes and respect social distancing measures”.

Sadly, more and more Cameroonians are turning their back on the life-saving prescriptions. Many have advanced reasons why they no longer wear masks.

It is clear that if preventive measures are flouted, Cameroon could witness a Spanish-Fever-styled re-emergence.


Kathy Neba Sina

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