COVID-19 : Infected mums can breastfeed without risk of infection

Infected nursing mothers can effectively breastfeed their babies in strict respect of the preventive measures against the deadly COVID-19, health experts say.

Health experts have ensured that hate many women who had their babies in the heart of the pandemic, successfully breastfed their babies without any problems.

Speaking at the daily press during at the Cameroon Emergency Centre, Dr. Fanne Mahamat, Director of Health in the Public Health Ministry, said breastfeeding is not only beneficial to the baby and mum, but for the entire globe.

“The entire planet gains when babies are breastfed. They should be breastfed early after delivery, and exclusively for the first 6 months. Breastfeeding saves over one million persons annually in the world”.

Unfortunately, some infected mums have ignorantly refused breastfeeding their babies under the guise of not wanting to have them infected. Others say the virus can be transmitted from mum to the babies.

But such assertions are unfounded. According to the World Health Organization, no Research result has proven that the breast milk could contain the virus. Pregnant women are expected to breastfeed their babies in strict respect of preventive measures.

Notwithstanding, nursing mothers must minimize the chances of having their babies infected, by strictly respecting the preventive  measures.

Before breastfeeding the baby, nursing mothers are required to properly wash hands with soap and running water, and wear masks. They also have to clean all surfaces to prevent infecting their babies.

The call for nursing mums to breastfeed comes barely days after the World Breastfeeding week was commemorated across the globe, on the theme: ” Support Breastfeeding for a healthier  plane”.

Activities to mark the week held from August 1-7, within the  context of the COVID pandemic.

Kathy Neba Sina

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