COVID-19 : Over 100 new screening centres created nationwide

Persons who want to be tested for #COVID19 can now go to the nearest screening Centre in their region of residence.

Over 100 new screening centres have been created in health facilities across Cameroon’s ten regions.

List of screening centres

A list of the new screening centres published by the Public Health Ministry indicates the numbers of new centres per region as follows;

Adamawa #4
Centre #14
East #3
Far North #5
Littoral #9
North #7
North West #16
West #3
South #23
South West #12

List of screening centres

Communities should take the lead

The creation of new screening centres is intended to encourage Cameroonians in all regions to massively go for screening.

List of new screening centres

Authorities say, COVID-19 can only be eradicated in the country, if communities take the lead in sensitization and screening.

During the  daily press briefing  on COVID-19 on August 4, Dr. George Alain Etoundi Mballa, Coordinator of the Cameroon Health Emergency Operations Centre, emphasized that all hospitals and screening are equipped with start of the art equipment to carry out COVID-19 tests.

Accordingly, persons presenting symptoms of the disease are also encouraged to go for testing in the nearest screening centres.

Mobile COVID19 screening

The list of screening centers were made public, less than a week after the launch of the new testing strategy ,  Mobile Testing,  in Cameroon’s capital , Yaounde.

For close to a week mobile caravans have been pitching their tents in populated public spaces including markets, motor parks, university campuses and other areas to fish out positive cases.

At a time when Cameroon’s COVID-19 curve is on a downward trend, public health authorities say Cameroonians should seize the opportunity to have themselves tested.

The Central African country counts 17,255 confirmed cases, 15320 recoveries and 386 deaths.

Kathy Neba Sina

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