COVID-19 : Pregnant women should continue antenatal visits

Antenatal visits in hospitals have drastically dropped as a result of the COVID-19 scare, but health experts are calling on pregnant women to resume visits to hospitals, without fear.

Speaking at the daily press briefing on COVID-19, Dr. Fanne Mahamat, Director of Health in the Public Health Ministry said, government wants to ensure that pregnant women receive proper medical care during pregnancy, and have babies safely.

Dr. Fanne Mahamat, speaks at the daily press briefing on COVID-19, at the Cameroon Health Emmergency Operations Centre

In most hospitals, family planning units have been abandoned for traditional solutions.

Dr. Bridgite Wandji, a Gynaecologist says pregnant women should return to  Family planning units, which are reputed for success in birth spacing and resolving complications. She says pregnant women should not be afraid to go to hospitals.

“Health care facilities are available and open; waiting for pregnant women. These women should not be afraid, the hospitals are waiting for them”.

The Gynacilogist says  pregnant women should have no fear of catching COVID19, in hospitals, but rather respect preventive measures spelled out by the government.

According to WHO, no evidence has yet been proven that pregnant women can develop a severe form of the disease .

However, a  pregnant woman can suffer from common respiratory diseases during this delicate moment of pregnancy .

The experts stress that hospitals have adopted special measures, in a bid to protect both the patients and health care professionals from being infected.

Kathy Neba Sina

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