Indutrialisation: Semolina Production Factory Imminent

Cameroon will soon have its first factory to produce semolina from durum wheat.

This is the product of a convention recently signed between the Investment Promotion Agency (IPA) and Africa Food Manufacture S.A. (AFM).

Through this convention, AFM hopes to aid in reducing the cost of producing spaghetti amongst other wheat products.

Financing of Semolina Production Project

AFM says starting the factory will cost an estimated sum of 13 billion CFAF.

The company also hopes production will stand at about 350 tonnes of the product per day.

Close to 700 jobs are expected to be generated by the factory.

Fall-outs of Factory

The new factory will aid in ameliorating the quality of pastry products produced in Cameroon.

It will lead to a drop of the huge quantities of durum wheat imported into the country annually.

Furthermore, most pastries shall be produced with 100% semolina from durum wheat as per norms, unlike what obtains.

AFM is amongst other things, negotiating the prices of a kilogramme of semolina to ensure it is affordable and enable a drop in prices of wheat products.

If all goes well, Cameroon will in the long run become an exporter of durum wheat as well as semolina.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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