Judiciary : First Ever Common Law Magistrates Appointed

Hours after the close of the August 10, 2020 session of the Higher Judicial Council, the President of the Republic, Paul Biya proceeded with in depth overhaul of the judiciary in Cameroon.

Amongst the decrees signed by the President of the Republic is that on the absorption into the corps of 34 English Speaking pupil Magistrates who are holders of the Diploma of the National School of Administration and Magistracy.

They are of the Peace and Unity batch of 2017 – 2019 of ENAM.

For the first time in Cameroon, the President of the Republic signed a decree appointing English Speaking Judicial and Legal Officers in the North West and South West Courts of Appeal.

President also appointed Super scale Magistrate Angouing Michel Ange as the new Technical Adviser at the Ministry of Justice to replace Oyono Abah Marcel, retired.

Appointments at the Supreme Court

The President of the Republic also appointed new Presidents of three different benches of the Supreme Court.

The heads include:

Judicial Bench:

Joseph Fongang Fokwe

Administrative Bench:

Daniel Eteki Ndoumbe

Audit Bench:

Yap Abdou

Special Criminal Court

The decrees also appointed Annie Noëlle Bahounoui as the new President of the Special Criminal Court.

The appointments made changes throughout the national territory with judicial and legal officers appointed in all the different Appeal and High courts nationwide.

Other decrees also promoted judicial and legal to super scale.

Magistrates were also elevated to super scale.

The President of the Republic also signs separate decrees to absorb Judicial and legal officers in the corps as well as another to integrate Magistrates.

Magistrates and legal officers were also promoted in the series of decrees.

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  • 12 août 2020 à 8 h 05 min

    This is good news for Anglophone Magistrates. We appreciate the move.


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