2020 Bacc General: The Northwest Region Tops The List

With a success rate of 59.22% ,the northwest region tops the ranking ahead of the littoral second with 54.91% and the Southwest region 3rd with 51.34%.The results were published on September 11, 2020.

Despite the health crisis which interrupted the 2019-2020 School Year, the Baccalaureat Board under the leadership of the Ministry of Secondary Education, managed to organize the exams successfully and the results were released last week.
Out of 118,714 Candidates who registered,55,248 passed representing a success rate of 47.22% which, according to the Baccalaureat Board is low compared to 2019 which had 60.50%, a drop by 13%.
The Northwest region despite the upheavals, is first on the list and the South region, which was 8th in 2019 is in the 3rd position.The Far North Rgion has the lowest performance during this session, 27.82%

Statistics Per Region And Position

1) Northwest Region
Success Rate: 59.22% in 2020 compared to 2019 which was 66.86%
Even though there is a drop in the output this year, the Region still maintained its position of being the first in the country.

2) Littoral Region
54.91% in 2020 and 64.81% in 2019. The performance this year is low compared to 2019.

3) Southwest Region
Success Rate:51.34% and 51. 80% in 2019. The Region has moved up from 8th to the 3rd position.

4)West Region.
50.97% in 2020 and 59.81% in 2019 . The Region has maintained the 4th position despite the slide decline in points

5)Centre Region.
Success Rate:49.68% in 2020 and 63% in 2019 , leaving from the 2nd to the 5th position.

6)South Region
Success Rate: 44.6 in 2020 and 50.88% in 2019. The results dropped by 4 points this year.

7) Adamawa Region
44.26% success rate in 2020 and 56.39 in 2019 . Results have dropped by 10% compared to 2019.

8) East Region
Pass Rate: 40.20% in 2020 and 55.21% in 2019. A drop in sucess rate in this Region (15%)

9)North Region
34.82% in 2020 and 49.79% in 2019. The Region has maintained the same position but the pass rate has dropped by 15%

10)Far North Region
Pass Rate: 27.82% and 42.82% in 2019. The Far North has the lowest performance this year just like in 2019 but there is a drop in sucess rate

Natacha Lehman

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