Back to school 2020: Parents discuss resumption amidst COVID-19 fears

 Some parents have already begun getting their kids ready for school, regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic . But others who are yet to decide whether or not, their kids will go to school. 

With over 20,000 confirmed cases and 19,124 recoveries so far, some parents are optimistic that their kids will be safe in school in October, but others are simple torn between.

Mme Desiree Fongang, a mother of 4, says she has ‘no fears’ sending her kids to school. But, she requests that schools “buy their gun thermometers so that temperatures of children are checked each morning. Schools should ensure that sanitation measures are respected to the best of their abilities”.

Mme Désirée Fongang, a mum of four

For Mme Nganjeu Majoli, a mother of three, a strict collaboration between school administrators and parents will keep the kids safe, once they get back to school.

Nganjeu Majoli, à Mum of three

“Parents should help their kids to respect the preventive measures. We can’t let kids stay at home. School proprietors must provide basic needs, and ensure that kids wear face masks. Children will be safe from COVID-19 if school administrators collaborate with parents . Every school must keep the rules”.

There is yet a faction of parents still gripped by the COVID-19 scare. Many of them are uncertain whether or not their kids will resume school.

Mr. Tchakouna, a grand parent of 5 kids says “Everyone will be afraid of sending their kids to school because they can bring the virus at home and infect others. I have 5 grand children, and I’m not very sure my kids will go to school. When the time comes, we will decide whether or not they will go”.

He however feels that
” if schools are disinfected 3 times a week, it will be reassuring”.

The countdown to the new school year is fast narrowing. But amidst worries from parents, school authorities say appropriate measures have been taken to protect kids from catching the deadly virus.

Kathy Neba Sina 

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