Basic Education: Bright Prospects for Private School Teachers

The National Commission for Private Basic Education is brainstorming on laying down modalities to improve salaries and living Conditions of private sector teachers. This is in line with a partnership agreement between the government and the private basic education sector. The Minister of Basic Education Launched a two day working session this Tuesday, September 15, 2020 to discuss the modalities.

Challenges Of The Sector

“The private sector of basic education is part of government’s policy of education but the measures put in place as far as the recruitment of teachers and remuneration are not consistently respected by managers. A good number of teachers in private schools earn very low salaries making life difficult for them.” Teachers complained.
The 15th ordinary session of the National Commission for Private Basic Education is meeting to discuss how remuneration in the private sector could be comparable to those in the public sector.

The commission is working on the theme: “contracting basic education for greater efficiency: modalities, applicability and assessibility”

The Minister of Basic Education Prof. Laurent Serge Etoundi Ngoa while launching called on the members of the commission to give pertinent proposals and explain how they can be applicable.

Topics Discussed By The Commission

-Educational Institution:a private venture
– Recruitment Basis for teaching staff
– Private Education: a new source of safe jobs
– Administrative monitoring and support of contracted schools
– How to assess contracting by intergrating inclusive education just to name these.

Reaction Of Private School Teachers

Estella Leinyuy a teacher in a private primary school in Yaounde says she is just managing with her salary .

” I earn 40,000 frs per month and I have a child. The house I’m renting is 20.00frs which is not easy for me. I’m obliged to do evening classes to have extra money apart from what i earn .I’m renting a house near the school for me not to pay transport or else I wouldn’t cope. I really want private schools to start paying their staff well.

Elsa Onana a french teacher in a primary school is of the same opinion that private school teachers’s salaries should be increased.

” My school pay me 30.000 frs every month. When I leave from school I go to my Elder Sister’s beauty center where I do a part time job. If I don’t do that I’m not sure I will be able to pay my house rent and feed my family. Let the commission come up with good resolutions for our status to change.

Heads of private schools on their part says they are doing their best to pay their teachers even though they face a lot of difficulties.

“We manage to pay our teachers every month but we cannot give them money like in government schools. We use the money parents pay for the school to function”

Private teachers are hoping that they will have salaries to enable them take care of their families.

Natacha Lehman

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