COVID19: Government calls for vigilance despite 94% recovery rate

The level of implementation of the government’s response strategy against the Coronavirus in Cameroon has been presented to the public during a joint press briefing by the Minister of Communication, Minister of Public Health, Minister of Decentralization and Local Development.

The press conference which comes two weeks to the start of the 2020/2021 school year sought to establish a clear overview of the situation and strategize on the way forward.

*Appreciable Recovery Rate*

Communication Minister and Government spokesperson, René Emmanuel Sadi said that the recovery rate is more than 94%. He added that government is in control of the situation but urges Cameroonians to remain vigilant.

*Contribution of Decentralised Authorities*

The Minister of Decentralisation and Local Development, Georges Elanga Obam outlined activities carried out by his ministry in the fight against the Corona virus pandemic in Cameroon to include:
– Creation of municipal response committees,
– Raising awareness on good hygiene practices,
– continued disinfection of public spaces,
– Prohibition of sales on the bare ground.
These activities are implemented on the ground by Mayors who are leaving nothing to chance to ensure that their municipalities are COVID free.

Statistics from DGSN

The Delegate General for National Security, Martin Mbarge Nguele gave a global picture of protection measures at points of entry into the country in a bid to prevent importation of the virus. He also presented results of a survey carried out by the General Delegation for National Security among the population which shows that:

– 30% of people trust the traditional pharmacopoeia,

– 23% think that the pandemic is under control,

– 15% believe that Covid19 is not as serious,

– 10% think that Covid19 does not exist.

Tracking, Testing, Treatment strategy

The Minister of Public Health, Madaoua Malachi elaborated in the 3T (Tracking, Testing and Treatment) Strategy adopted by the ministry that involves going to the population, getting them tested especially in public and those infected are immediately put on treatment.

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