CPDM : 90 party members sanctioned for electoral misconduct

The disciplinary committee of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Party (CPDM) has meted sanctions to 90 party members for electoral misconduct.

According to a press release of September 9, the party members are violated party rules and regulations during the February twin elections.

Categories Of Sanctions

All 90 party members sanctioned have been grouped into  10 categories,  ranging  from warnings, suspension to dismissal from the party.

Number of persons sanctioned per category

1. letter of observation following a call to order #1
2. Off course #11
3. Blame #26
4. Relieved from functions #1
5. Suspension for 6 months #1
6. Suspension for 12 months #13
7. Suspension for 18 months #5
8. Suspension for 24 months #1
9. Suspension for 36 months #24
10. Dismissal #1

The sanctions come 16 days after the adhoc committee of the party’s central committee began to examine the files of 100 party members reported to have flouted party norms during the Municipal and Legislative elections in February 2020. 

The party members sanctioned, come from the 10 regions of the country.


Kathy Neba Sina 

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