Electronic Books: Online Media Called To promote Writers Thoughts

The Vice Rector of the University of Yaounde II in charge of Studies Prof. Emmanuel Pondi has exhorted online media to promote books written by Cameroonian and African writers for the progress of the continent.

He was speaking during a media dinner organised recently in Yaounde.
A good number of writers in Cameroon and in Africa produce books to educate and entertain the public which are not really advertised on media platforms and that won’t help Africans to acquire knowledge, according to Prof. Emmanuel Pondi himself a writer.

“We live in a polycentric world with divergent and different views. If we do not take upon ourselves to actually portray the different interpretations of the way the world works and stimulate the taste for knowledge, we will only have one unilateral interpretation and it is disastrous”

Still in line with Prof. Emmanuel Pondi’s remarks, the online media should have contents which also valorizes Cameroon’s rich cultural diversity and icons so as to make the world know what Africa has.

“It is important to diversify thoughts, to densify it and above all, show that to have a multidimensional world, there must be multidimensional and polycentric thinking”

Natacha Lehman

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