“English Premier League Has Good And Scintillating Football”, Channel Manager of Crtv Sports says

The CRTV Sports and Entertainment Channel, has diversified its content with the inclusion of live broadcast of the 2020/2021 English Premier League,EPL, matches.

In the build up to the start of the broadcast, CRTV-WEB had a chat with the Channel Manager of the Crtv Sports and Entertainment, Simon Lyonga who zooms in on why the choice of the EPL and how the images will be relayed.


                      Simon Lyonga, Channel Manager of Crtv Sports and Entertainment

Crtv Sports and the English Premier League

The contract we have with our partners will allow the copyright to 34 matches of the 2020/2021 football season of the English Premier League.

For one day of play, Crtv Sports will broadcast one match. On Saturday, September 12, 2020 the Sports and Entertainment channel will broadcast one match out of the ten matches of the day, and that is how it will be done throughout the seaon.

Crtv Sports and Entertainment will in this month of September 2020 broadcast three live matches of the 2020-2021 of the EPL.

According to the programme schedule, the match pitting West Ham versus New Castle United to be fielded on Sunday, September 12, 2020 will be live on the airwaves of the sports and entertainment channel at 2:50 p.m local time.

On Saturday, September 19, 2020 , Crtv sports will relay live images of the EPL match between Leeds United and Fulham at 2:50 p.m Cameroon time.

Heavyweight, Tottenham Hotspur will throw weights with New Castle United on Saturday, September 26, 2020 still on Crtv Sports.

How The Matches Will Be Broadcast?

This Tuesday September 8, 2020 we will have a live programme at 8pm to announce the entire coverage plan of the championship to the audience.

We will also reveal our sports consultants throughout the season. We decided to work with former footballers who played in the English Premier League alongside the usual resource persons who articulate football excellently.

On every match day, Crtv Sports will have a 30 minutes programme to announce the matches and zoom on the stakes, the players to look up to and the statistics during a pre-match set.

The programme is dubbed “English Fair” dedicated for a preview of the games of the day on a match day at the EPL

After the match there will be a 45 minutes of analysis.

Very importantly, matches of the top five teams like Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea will all be broadcast live on the Crtv’s airwaves.

How Will The Commentaries Run?

The matches are coming with commentaries in English but for some matches of great importance to Cameroonians, that is, matches with Cameroonian players, we will prefer to run the commentaries.

Just to note that, the thirty-four matches to be live on Crtv’s airspace is not the end of the road, the top management is still negotiating for other matches to complete the table to 38 games.

We have the most important stages of the football season, that is, the beginning, the Boxing Day football and the end of the championship. You know the most exciting period of the English Premier League is the end of championship.

It is very possible to see a team for instance at the 19th position beat a team at the top of the table in the EPL.

Why The Choice Of English Premier League?

“You cannot have something which is best and go for good or better”.

The choice of the top management of CRTV, is simply because the English Premier League is the best in the world. It is championship that can be put on your airwaves and sold to the public.

The lovers of this championship hardly get bored, every match is an action on its own.

In the 2019/2020 season, a team like Norwich for instance was descending but could still serve excellent football.

The EPL is peculiar and we already have noticed an undisputed interest with viewers of the Crtv Sports and Entertainment.

Interviewed by Benly Anchunda

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