Leeds United Vs Fulham; Live Again On Crtv Sports

Newly promoted Leeds United will pick on Fulham on day-2 of their outing at the ongoing 2020/2021 English Premier League season this Saturday, September 19, 2020 on Crtv Sports.

It is the second of a total of thirty-four English Premier League matches to be relayed on the Sports and Entertainment channel of the Crtv.

This time around, Leed United will surely put up a serious fight so to make up for the 4 – 3 defeat by the reigning champions of England, Liverpool FC on day-one action of the matches.

Leeds will play against Fulham, a team hosting one of Cameroonian finest midfielders, Zambo Anguissa.

The Cameroonian International is back to his mother club, Fulham after an unsuccessful deal to move him from the Spanish Villarreal Club this season.

Just to note that Fulham is making her debut entry into the turf at the ongoing season while Leeds drop back to the play ground after throwing weights with Liverpool in their first outing.

The match to be broadcast live on Crtv Sports preceeds the “English Fair” a special programme to discuss on the who is who in the competing clubs, the head to head counts amongst various issues. Another 45 minute programme after the match will zoom on the match details and announce up coming games.

Crtv Sports and Entertainment will in this month of September 2020 broadcast three live matches of the 2020-2021 of the English Premier League football season.

The third and last match for the month to be live on the airwaves of the Crtv will be contested between heavyweight, Tottenham Hotspur and New Castle United on Saturday, September 26, 2020.

The matches of the EPL on Crtv Sports is the fruit of a partnership agreement between the state broadcaster and her partners.

The choice of the English Premier League as explained by the top management of the Crtv is due to the fact that the championship is the best in the world and is easily marketable.

Benly Anchunda

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