Private Basic Education: Recommendations From National Commission

The 15th ordinary session of the National Commission For Private Basic Education has ended with seven main recommendations.

They essential seek to ameliorate the conditions of private teachers and schools.

Challenges Identified

The private basic education  face a number of difficulties which leads at times to the non payment of teacher’s salaries and for the entire staff.
This difficulty was the focus of the national commission for private basic education meeting in its 15th session.
They brainstormed to propose modalities on how the partnership between the government and the private sector will function to solve the issues faced by the sector.


-The Government should help and give subventions to private schools at the beginning of the year

– All those concerned should take part for this process to be a success

– Strict respect by founders of governance principles enacted in order to guarantee a quality basic private education

– The continuation of the contracting process initiated by the provision for necessary financial resources

– The appropriation by all actors of the texts that frame the contractualization

– Extension of the pilot phase of contracting

– Private Basic Education Schools should adapt to receive children with special educational needs.

The Minister of Basic Education Prof. Laurent Serge Etoundi Ngoa while closing the 2 day session said the government is ready to work with the private sector so as to give all Cameroonians from all social conditions and all educational sub-systems equal opportunities for development.

Natacha Lehman

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