Regional Election: Four Lists Submitted In Mfoundi Divisions

At midnight of September 22, 2020, marking the deadline for the submission of candidature files for the regional election, four files had been received at the Mfoundi divisional branch of Elections Cameroon at the Mfandena neighbourhood in Yaounde.

The list submitted include two from political parties and two from traditional rulers.

Lists Submitted By Traditional Rulers

The first list from the college of traditional rulers submitted on Monday September 21 while the second came on Tuesday.

Both lists comprised two candidates. Their files were received by the reception commission setup at the divisional branch.

Condidatures Files For Political Parties

Two political parties have submitted files to run for December 6 Regional Election in the Mfoundi division ; the CPDM and the CDF.

The Cameroon People Democratic Movement that runs all seven councils in the Mfoundi divisions submitted their list at about 9:10am local time on Tuesday, September 22, 2020. The list comprised seven candidates.

The Cameroon Democratic Front, CDF party that is two years old and has one municipal councillor in Mfoundi where at the ELECAM divisional office at about 7:00pm with their list of seven candidates.

Other Political Parties At ELECAM Mfoundi

Some representatives of political parties made their way to the Mfoundi divisional to gather information on where to submit their files.

The commission in charge of reception of files directed representative of the UPC and MDR to the branch offices in the divisions where they intended to run.

At midnight the Head of the Mfoundi divisional branch of ELECAM, Yannick Basile Fouda Atangana ordered the closure of the gate signaling the end of the process of reception of files for the election of regional councillors on December 6, 2020.

He explained that the branch has five days in line with the Electoral Code to forward the files received to headquarters via the regional branch.

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