2020 CHAN: Dismantling Of COVID19 Makeshift Hospitals For Football Tournaments

Tents setup at the Ngoa-Ekelle, Mbappe Leppe and Middle Farm Stadia to host #COVID19 patients are being dismantled some two weeks to CAF’s visit and three months to the take-off the 2020 African Nations Championship, CHAN.

The dismantling of these makeshift #COVID19 isolation centres is to give way for the Local Organisers of the twin football tournaments, the CHAN and AFCON to speed up with their preparations.

The dismantling process kicked off last weekend at the Middle Farm Stadium in Limbe, one of the training grounds of the 2020 CHAN.

This Thursday, October 15, 2020 was the turn of the Ngoa-Ekelle Stadium in Yaounde. Public Health workers were on site to carry out the dismantling process under the supervision of their boss, Minister Manaouda Malachie

They workers were busy pulling down canopies, dismantling tents and carefully transporting medical equipment like ventilators to safer spaces.

A lifter-crane served for transporting heavier equipment like the power generators amongst many other things.

According to the public health boss, dismantling these makeshift hospital does not mean the virus has been eradicated but prove that Cameroon has made a milestone in containing the killer virus.

The Public Health expert attest to the fact that the numbers of infections have dropped but Cameroonians are called upon to continuously respect the lofty health security measures as a means to further contain the virus.

The dismantling of the three soccer grounds all earmarked to serve as training spaces during the CHAN is an instruction of the Head of State Of Cameroon, Paul Biya.

In line with the preparations for the January 2021 football tournament to be hosted in three cities in Cameroon, the Minister of Sports and Physical Education, Narcisse Mouelle Kombi has trailed a delegation to some sites to host the 2020 CHAN.

The Sports Minister was earlier this week in Limbe and Buea and later in Douala to check the host sites ahead of an announced CAF visit scheduled to take place in two weeks.

Benly Anchunda

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