2020 CHAN: Four New Faces In The Den Again

Twenty-eight players have been summoned by the Head Coach of the Intermediate Lions for a training camp to start on Sunday October 25, 2020 at the CAF Excellence Centre in Mbankomo

The preselected list of 28 makes a total of four in a short time, with the recent introducing four newcomers into the den as the team gears up for the 2020 CHAN.

The debutants are Akoh Calistus of APEJES ,Alioum Moubarak of Sahel of Maroua and U-17 Lions player, Francis Elimbi of Stade Renard of Melong and Fabonge Frankline who plays with Astres of Douala.

None of the eight players recently dropped from the camp has been included in the new list. Pange Lobe of Bamboutos FC of Mbouda has been left out this time around.

In fact no huge changes have been applied in the call-ups. Here is the list below;

1) Anye Derick Fru (Cotonsport of Garoua)
2) Dande Junior (APEJES of Mfou)
3) Epane Yannick Litizi (Stade Renard)

4) Ngombe Etame (Cotonsport of Garoua)
5) Doh Alain Moukoko (Eding Sport de la Lekie)
6) Banga Solomon Bidjeme (Cotonsport)
7) Arno Ndzana Joel (Panthère Nde)
8) Fabonge Frankline (Astres of Douala)
9) Andoulou Serge (Union Sportive)
10 )Yankam Basile (PWD of Bamenda)
11) Youssoufa Haouzaifi (Cotonsport of Garoua)

12) Stephane Meyoupo (Eding Sport de la Lekie)
13) Ebongue Ebongue Richard (Cotonsport of Garoua)
14) Badouidana Onana Fabrice (Stade Renard of Melong)
15) Banbe Thierry (AS Fortuna)
16) Nchindo John Bosco (PWD of Bamenda)
17) Hampo Man Ykre (Colombe)
18) Marius Ngon A Tati (Canon Yaounde)
19) Aboubakari Sidiki (Union Sportive of Douala)
20) Beo Batto Valentine (Astres of Douala)
21) Henri Belle (Eding Sport de la Lekie)
22) Yahaya Abdoulaye (APEJES of Mfou)
23) Jacques Elogue Kevin( Feutcheu FC)

24) Leon Boyomo (Astres of Douala)
25) Akoh Calistus (APEJES of Mfou)
26) Alioum Moubarak (Sahel of Maroua)
27) Nlend Samuel (Union Sportive of Douala)
28) Francis Elimbi (Stade Renard of Melong)

Cameroon, host of the 2020 CHAN will throw weights with Zimbabwe and two West African states of Mali and Burkina Faso in Group A.

The Intermediate Lions have been in Camp since November 11th, 2020 during which a series of local and international friendlies have been recorded

Benly Anchunda

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