2020 CHAN: The Type of Team Cameroonians Would Want To See

Some three months to the 2020 African Nations Championship, CHAN, the Intermediate Lions, the host of the January 2021 African football tournament is seemingly still staggering and trying to win the confidence of the Cameroonian fans.

The team to host fifteen other African countries has failed to impress football lovers in their last three friendlies. The boys of Yves Clement Arroga have unfortunately recorded no goal in their outings against a local football club, Panthere of Nde and visiting South Sudan.

Elite One football club, Panthere of the Nde humbled the Intermediate Lions 1-0 and little known South Sudan came out a stronger fit than Cameroon in their away and return leg friendlies, matches that ended 0-0 all round.

Many Cameroonians who watched at home due to #COVID19 restrictions at the stadium may have been wandering what went wrong in a team that was waxing strong before the coronavirus.

Others will want to see a team worth representing a footballing nation like Cameroon, a factor that has put the country on the international scene since the heydays.

From all indications, Cameroon will love to have a team like the one before the #COVID19, a virus that came and change the dynamics of play for the team, reduced quality play time and completely shot down training for these players.

Infact, before #COVID19, many could throw their dice or bet for the team. The boys of Yves Clement Arroga recorded eight friendlies at the local and national levels.

Their balance sheet this time was quite impressive, five victories and three draws in their eight friendlies.

The team was what Cameroonians are waiting to see during the 2020 CHAN. Before the virus came, the Intermediate lions played four test games with local clubs, recorded a single draw with Dragon of Yaounde and thrashed Leopard of Yaounde, Avion of Nkam and Bamboutos of Mbouda.

In their four international friendlies, the team was able to play level scores with two countries that is, Congo and Rwanda while defeating two others, Chad and the DR Congo.

Post #COVID19 games have been below expectations even to football analyst. The Cameroonian side has not won a single game out of the three fielded against South Sudan and Panthere of Nde.

Football commentators have blamed these poor outings on the failure to launch the local football championships in the country, lack of quality playing time resulting to the increase in the number of injuries and the lack of confidence by the players

Responding to the press after face-off with South Sudan, the Cameroonian head Coach, Yves Clement Arroga said the time has improved in ball possession, distribution creating chances but lacks finishing.

To the football tactician, the changes in the team were timely, reason why Cameroon registered an improvement in the second half of the game against the visiting South Sudanese.

The Coach says he will do everything to exploit the available opportunities and get the team ready for the upcoming football event.

The team has fallen back to their training, this time around with a new lesson as the gear up.

Cameroon, the host of the 2020 CHAN will have to work had to overshadow Group members like Zimbabwe, the most experienced and prestigious team in the competition. Another contestant , Mali is in her fourth outing and Mali.

Benly Anchunda

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