#COVID19: FIFA Sets International Match Protocols As Football Returns

Two hundred and twenty-one member associations and six confederations of FIFA have been subjected to international match protocol in the context of football in health crisis like the #COVID19

The bureau of FIFA Council approved the return of football to the pitches in strict respect of Coronavirus safety measures.

The International Match Protocol is the provides important safeguards for the health and safety of players and delegates while simultaneously facilitating a return to play of football.

The FIFA protocol allows for the use of equivalent protocols, such as those that have already been developed and successfully implemented by confederations in international matches to date.

Measures To Prevent The Spread Or Reintroduction Of #COVID19

The World Football Governing body, FIFA in collaboration with the WHO and the various member associations has set preventative measures to be implemented in the footprint of matches and all official sites.

The measures to be used a the health safety log book of every country setting open its frontiers for international matches are as follows;

# Strict monitoring and testing of players, delegates and officials

# Hand hygiene

# Respiratory hygiene

# Physical distancing

# Cleaning and hygiene regimes

# Risk communication and awareness

# Defining and tracing contacts

# Management of people with #COVID19, its symptoms and their contacts

# Management responsibility and planning

The FIFA protocol also contains detailed operational implementation guidelines covering a variety of key aspects such as logistical considerations, match operations, media and broadcasting, the workforce and the return of spectators.

Since the protocol will be implemented for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers, some amendments have been taken into consideration including the ability of a team to use up to five substitutes during matches.

Temporary Amendments

-The mandatory period of quarantine or self-isolation of at least five (5) days upon arrival.

– Travel restriction to or from either location with high risk of contamination

– Players will be specifically exempted from the relevant authorities in their host cities or otherwise.

FIFA strongly urges all member associations, clubs and players to work together in a spirit of solidarity to share information temporarily adapted in the face of the health crisis.

Benly Anchunda

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