Mekit Invest : Company Director, Jean Calvin Menenga investigated for “organized scam”

Jean Calvin Menenga, Director of MEKIT Invest, an online trading company and Crypyo currency dealer, is being investigated for ‘Organized Scam’.

Mekit Invest was closed down on October 15, by the Governor of the Centre Region, Nasare Paul Bea.

Reports reached the Govenor that the company’s clients had not received returns for their investment since September.

Governor Nasare Paul Bea immediately ordered that the structure be closed down. He also requested that clients withdraw their financial investments from the company.

Mekit Invest : The director tells his own story

Following the suspension and complains from clients, Jean Calvin Mebenga has been forced to tell his own side of the story. He says his company has been unable to pay clients because of unstable internet connection.

“On September 1, Mekit Invest began to experience unstable internet connection that seriously affected the functioning of our company. Our clients hardly came to the office because they usually receive returns through  mobile phone operators”.

Jean Calvin Mebenga also explains that the business is quite volatile given that the world currently depends on digital economy and financial development.

Although the structure is still under lock and key, the Director says all clients’ returns will be entirely paid as soon as the suspension is over.

What is Mekit Invest ?

Mekit Invest is an online trading company, that trades in  Cyrpto currency, headed by Jean Calvin Mebenga.

It was created in 2019 by decision no RC/DFLBB/2019/B/109. The structure’s headquarter is found in Bonapriso, a neighborhood in the country’s economic city Douala. The company also has a branch in Yaounde.

Soon after the company was created, people were lured to make huge investments. The company proposed 15% returns, weekly for 21 months (90 weeks), for clients who invest a particular amount of money.

Clients could choose a pack from a list of 7 packs. The parks are ;
Mekit Assurances
Mekit Agro Business
Mekit Sport Entertainment
Mekit BTP
Mekit Beauty Center
Mekit Radio
Mekit Invest Solidarity

‘Mekit’ is gotten from the Beti Language, meaning business. The company’s slogan is poverty is not a crime.

Mekit Invest : One too many scams

The suspension of the online trading company comes less than 2 weeks after Africa’lif, a similar structure located in the economic city of Douala, closed its doors.

The officials deserted the premises and reportedly made away with hundreds of millions belonging to clients.

Clients who invested between as much as 300,000 – 6 million francs have been assembling at the premises with the hope of getting at least their initial investment, but officials are still no where to be found

In 2019, the Cameroonian government also shut down another financial structure known as MIDA, also reported to be a scam.


Kathy Neba Sina

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