Chantal Biya Grand Prix 2020: Slovakia’s Kubiš Lukas Is Third Lap Winner

Slovakia’s Kubiš Lukas is winner of the third lap of the Chantal Biya Grand Prix. He covered the Yaoundé-Ebolowa 167km in 3h51m36s.

Cameroon’s Kamzong Abossolo Clovis of the SNH Velo Club is runner up covering the same distance in 3h51m36s. The keeper of the Yellow jersey, Moise Mugisha of Rwanda came third with the same timing.


Moise Mugisha retained the yellow jersey after being ranked as best biker in the competition at the end of the third lap.

There are two more laps to the end of the Chantal Biya Grand Prix.

On Saturday 21 November 2020, the fourth stage will run from Zoétélé to Meyomessala covering a 116.4km distance.

The fifth and final stage will cover a 166.4km distance from Sangmélima to the cross line in Yaoundé.

Chantal Biya Grand Prix: The Race Reaches Nkolandom

It is the first time in 20 editions of the Chantal Biya International Cycling Tour the caravan is making a stop in Nkolandom.

Nkolandom is a village in the Ebolowa 2 subdivision popular for it’s cultural and aquatic touristic attractions.

The Minister of State, Minister of Higher Education Jacque Fame Ndongo is chief of this locality.

It was a festive atmosphere that was set up to welcome the athletes in Nkolandom.

Dance groups and local artists showed up with different scales of performances.

Even the CPDM following turned up to show support to the Chantal Biya Grand Prix.

Music, dance and celebration could be the theme of the third day of the Chantal Biya Grand Prix in Nkolandom, Ebolowa.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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