Grand Prix Chantal Biya 2020: The First Lady Graces The Ceremony On Day 4

Cameroon’s First Lady Chantal Biya, Matron of the Chantal Biya Grand Prix was guest of honour at the fourth lap prize award ceremony of the international cycling tour.

Madame Chantal Biya’s presence at the prize award ceremony this Saturday 21 November 2020 in Meyomessala gave the Grand Prix a pomp it has not witnessed since the start of the competition.

Both authorities, athletes and the locals who who showed up for the event were simply charmed by the First Lady’s majesty.

Chantal Biya Grand Prix 2020: The Meyomessala Prize Award Ceremony

It was a rare occasion for the athletes as Cameroon’s First Lady personally handed awards to the day’s winners.

The first prize Madame Chantal Biya handed at the ceremony was to Cameroon’s best cyclist at the competition, Clovis Kamzong Abossolo of the SNH Velo Club.

He covered the Zoétélé-Meyomessala axis in 2h46m44s.

Kamzong’s merits were also announced to the First Lady and the general public which earned him congratulatory applause from the crowd.

Madame Chantal Biya could be seen mentioning words of encouragement to Cameroon’s finest cyclist as she dressed him up in the blue jersey.

Another athlete who gained the Chantal Biya Grand Prix matron’s administration was the winner of the fourth lap.

Rwanda’s Moise Mugisha who won the yellow jersey since the first lap has succeeded in retaining the prestigious outfit for the for consecutive tours.

Moise Mugisha covered the Zoétélé-Meyomessala stretch in 2h46m33s making him winner of two of the already covered four laps.

He received today’s yellow jersey from the hands of Cameroon’s First Lady, Chantal Biya.

At the end of the award ceremony, Chantal Biya met with other participating athletes in the competition wishing them well in the last lap of the tour.

The Grand Prix Chantal Biya 2020 ends this Sunday 22, November covering a distance of 166.4km from Sangmélima to the cross line in Yaoundé.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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