Regional Election: CPDM Launches Campaign To Win All Ten Regions

Campaigns for the Election of Regional Councillors on December 6, 2020, have officially begun nationwide.   Prior to the launch, the Secretary General of the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement, CPDM party, Jean Kuete presided over a strategic meeting of bigwigs of the party.

In his capacity as President of the National Campaign Community of the CPDM for the election of regional councillors, Jean Kuete has instructed campaign team that will be deployed to the regions highlight the merits of decentralisation and its prospects in local development.

He has invited party officials to ensure victory of CPDM lists in all ten regions through a targeted campaign process destined to reach all municipal councillors who form the Electoral College both from the CPDM and from opposition political parties. He urged campaign teams to respect party guidelines.

Jean Kuete congratulated members of the committee that was charged with the investiture of candidates for the regional election for selecting candidates who meet the required profile for the election.

The candidates were reminded to the responsibility levied on them as candidates for the CPDM party for the regional election


CPDM Campaign Guidelines

The party’s scribed told the party officials that the CPDM campaign should be a caravan which calls for the return to the values of unity and progress. The campaign teams should carry messages to towns and villages that are in line with the vision of the party:

– Messages should be inspired from the manifesto of the candidates of the party which highlights the construction of Cameroon.

– The election would ultimately give the local population the opportunity to take part in local governance through their councillors.

– The election is the final step towards to implementation of the special status to the North West and South West regions.

Jean Nkuete told the team to inform municipal councillors of other parties also taking part in the race or note to vote wisely by choosing the CPDM list.

He also highlighted the importance of the election stating that it will bring governance closer to the people and consequently accelerate development.

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