Camrail train derails: Disbursement of President’s assistance begins on 1st November

24/10/2017 The FCFA one billion offered by the Head of state to victims of the Eseka train accident will be progressively apportioned to the victims from the 1st of November.

Photo de: Camrail train derails: Disbursement of President's assistance begins on 1st November

The President’s assistance adds to the compensation expected from the railway company Camrail.
The Secretary General at the Prime Minister’s office Seraphin Magloire Fouda signed a communique on Friday 20th October outlining modalities for the exercise.
According to the release an ad hoc committee will oversee the  distribution of the fund .
The committee will identify victims, place them in different categories and determine the amount to be attributed to each category.
A total of 889 names, grouped in categories, have been retained and published at the prime minister’s office.
The first category is composed of  survivors who sustained physical injury.
The second category concerns  the deceased, and the third category are those declared missing.
The list of documents to be submitted has been published.
The victims have three months to  deposit their files in governors offices, embassies or consular offices for onward transmission to the prime Minister’s office.
Representatives of the deceased must proof their relatives were on board the train 152.
Those whose names are not found on the list are invited to equally deposit documents pending verification.
The committee starts issuing cheques  from 1st of November, but this will be preceded by a communique announcing the exercise.

Kathy Neba Sina (Intern)

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