2017 Cup of Cameroon: Semi-fnal matches underway

31/10/2017Four teams have migrated to the semi-finals stage of the ongoing 2017 cup of Cameroon.

Photo de: 2017 Cup of Cameroon: Semi-fnal matches underway

The teams qualified after matches this Sunday 29th October 2017 counting for the quarter-finals of the competition.

New Stars of Douala thrashed Douala Athletic 2000 (1-0) in a Douala derby.

Yong Sport Academy of Bamenda faced off Lion Blessé of Foutouni in a 1-0 game in favour of the boys of Bamenda.

Victoria United of Limbe defeated Racing of Bafoussam 1-0

UMS of Loum overpowered Yaoundé II FC in a 2-1 game.

As at the now, New Stars of Douala,Yong Sport Academy of Bamenda,Victoria United of Limbe and UMS of Loum have qualified for the semi-finals of the 2017 Cup of Cameroon.

Douala Athletic 2000, Lion Blessé of Foutouni ,Racing of Bafoussam and Yaoundé II FC have been disqualified

Just a quick remainder; Elite two teams Lion Blessé of Foutouni and Racing of Douala failed to sail through to the semi-final stage.

Benly Anchunda 

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