Yaounde Central Hospital: Management opens door to public

The management of the Yaounde Central Hospital has organized the first-ever open door days.

The opening ceremony organised this 12th December 2017 was presided over by the Minister of Public Health, Andre Mama Fouda.

The open door days that started on 11th to end 14th December is an occasion for the public to know more about the different services offered by the health facility.

Twelve stands have been set up at the hospital’s esplanade. In each of the stands, detail and the mission of each of the services are on display. These services include;
# Social Service
# Maternity
# Day care
# Cardiology
# Anaestasia and Reanimation
# Urology
# Central laboratory
# Reumatology and Hermatology
# Obstetrics and pediatrics

Added to these units are two newly created units
# Neo-natology
# Neuro-Pediatric Surgical unit

Patients visiting the exhibition stands receive free consultation.
The management has also crafted a questionnaire to sample the opinion of patients and the public on the performance of the Yaounde Central Hospital.
In the meantime consultations continue uninterrupted and at normal rates on the sidelines of the open door days.

The HIV/ AIDS unit is carrying out free screening while some Cameroonians of good will are involved in the blood donation exercise.

The open door days is part of the hospital’s end of year feast that culminates in a grand ceremony on Friday 15th December 2017.

Kathy Neba

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