End of Year Festivities: Entertainment top on agenda of activities

Preparations for end of year festivities intensifies with a variety of leisure activities organised on the sidelines.

At city centres, the affluence is visible as deafening christmas carols resonating to keep listeners in the mood.

Colourful decorations posted in eye catching sites and popular spaces contributes to the splendour of the city .

Big shops and super markets carrying christmas articles have deviced aggressive market strategies including loud sounding music to attract potential clients.

Giant christmas trees, beautiful puppets and attractive kid toys welcome passers-by around shops and markets.

Children in the company of parents and guardians move in and out of the many leisure sites, shops and markets in quest of christmas dresses, toys and food.

Since begining of December, a number of festive programmes have been released.

Artists organise stage shows, churches propose special christmas events that adds to other entertainment jamboree in public places.

In Yaounde for example, the most popular leisure and business avenue,Yaounde en Fete (YA-FE) begins in few days.

Generational artists including Locko, Salatial, Askia,Mr Leo,Dynastie Le Tigre ,Blaise B,Daphne and Ambe are expected to be part of the entartainment train.

At the Yaoude Omnisport neighbourhood, a beer fair organised since 14th December has been attracting city dwellers.
On the Sunday 24th December 2017 ,the Voice of the Spirit Choir will sing alongside the christians at the Biscuiterie neighbourhood during a concert dubbed “A Day of Prayer Rain”.

A New Year’s Service with Pastor Chris has been organised on 31st December at the Christ Embassy in Buea Soppo.

In Limbe on Saturday 23rd December 2017 the young sensational artist,Tzy Panchak presents his latest releases “Woman Crush” and ”Ngueme”.

The CRTV on its part has proposed an incredible rundown for the feast.

The radio stations propose interesting interactive slots for listeners to wish well to their loved ones.

Benly Anchunda

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