End of year festivities: renown supper market showcase the latetest good

A rock like fountain built with human hands is one amongst the latest fantasies to behold in a well known Supper Market in Yaounde.

The object which was introduced this 2017 seemingly serves as a touristic site for most customers who cannot withstand its awesomness but tarry around to feed their curiosity.

A type of curiosity that even ignores the proper use of time.

The object is sold at two different prices depending on its size.

The first category which is large is sold at 425,000 while the second and least is sold at 69,500.

So far, sellers have confirmed that six persons have bought both categories, three each.

They also say that the buyers demand the fountain mostly for Christmas souvenirs while others as Christmas gifts for their precious ones.

Meanwhile majority of admirers say they would have loved to own one had wishes been like horses.

The fountain can only function with the use of an electrical switch which when connected to current, triggers all its components to move.

Components which are: diamond ball, sloppy waterfall, stones, trees and a turning wheel.

It can only stop working when the owner unplugs it from the current.

Irene Mbang Tata


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