National Communication Council (NCC): slams new sanctions on media organs

Seven media organs of the print and audio visual press have been slammed sanctions by the National Communication Council (NCC) for none respect of professional ethic.

According to a press release made public on Tuesday, 19th December 2017, three newspapers and their publishers where suspended, one was warned while three broadcast journalists, one publisher and three programmes were also suspended.

According to the press release a complaint filed by Tchami Alphonse and Dr Ngatchou Djomo William, team manager and medical officer of the national male football team against Bouba Ngoumena Goubai, Journalist at Canal 2 International Television.

The journalist was accused of broadcasting unfounded information that tarnished their image and moral integrity with regards to the mode of selection of players at the male national football team of Cameroon. The council dismissed the case for none respect procedures.

The council examined another case involving Alain Olivier Mekulu Mvondo Akame, Director General of the National Social Insurance Fund (CNPS) against Tribune de L’Est Economie and its publisher, Tuile Tuile Roger.

The newspaper published unfounded information with negative consequences on the moral integrity and image of CNPS. NCC noticed an attitude of defiance from the Newspaper with regards to its injunctions and the non respect of a previous decision of 21st September 2017 that temporally suspended La Tribune de L’Est Economie and its publisher for publication of unfounded accusations, offences and insults on certain persons.

After their deliberations the council decided to indefinitely suspended Tuile Tuile Roger from the function of publisher and the practice of Journalism in Cameroon. The same sanction also applies to the newspaper La Tribune de L’Est Economie.

Dieudonne Bisso, Project Director Memve’ele Hydroelectric dam project also dragged “Le Devior Libre” and its publisher, Miniya Meka Herrys Robert to the National Communication Council.

He blames the newspaper of false report on diverse transactions on the management of the dam project. The council found the paper faulty and its publisher failed to respect the convocation of NCC.

It decided to suspend the newspaper and its publisher for a period of six months. Mr Miniya Meka Herrys Robert is also suspended as publisher and from practicing the profession within the same period.

Elung Paul Che, Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Finance reported to the NCC “Le Pelican” newspaper for unfounded declarations relating to transactions in his former duty post as Director General at CSPH.

The council suspended the paper and its publisher for three months from all forms of journalism practice in Cameroon

The council also scrutinised the case between Hele Pierre, Minister of the Environment, Protection of Nature and Sustainable Development against “L’éveil Republicain Libre” on false accusations of land grabbing.

The council notice the complainant did not respect the deadline for the treatment of complaints at NCC with regards to its pedagogic missions but however established the responsibility of the Publisher of the newspaper who was addressed a warning.
Union of Advocates wrote to the NCC against Ayissi Etoa Parfait and Ze Jean Jacques, Journalists at Vision 4 Television for offensive language and insults with regards to their job.

The council found them guilty and Suspended Ayissi Etoa Parfait for a period of one month from the practice of journalism in Cameroon. The same sanction applies to the Television Programme “Tour d’Horizon” broadcast on Vision 4 Television.

Vincent-Sosthene Fouda, Professor of Political Science against Vision 4 Television filed against Leukoue Monkam Sidoine and Obama Nana Ernest Dieudonne, Journalists at the media organ for broadcasting compromising videos that could stain the ethics and deontology of his profession in the domains of social communication.

The council after reviewing the terms used in the report aired on 15th November 2017 by Madame Leukoue Monkam Sidonie noticed language excesses which went beyond the journalist’s desire to inform.

The documentary “VSGF, UN “Prince” Nu a Yaoundé” presented by Obama Nana Ernest Dieudonne and broadcast of 23rd November 2017 at 9pm is shocking, devaluating and broadcast at a period a high viewership shows the nudity of Mr Vincent Sosthene Fouda, the release indicated.

The council decided to suspend for a period of two months, Mr Amougou Belinga Jean Peirre from all functions of publisher, and the Journalists: Obama Nana Ernest Dieudonne and Leukoue Monkam Sidonie from the practice of the profession of journalism in Cameroon within the same period.

The sanctions contained in a press release signed by the Chairman of the National Communication council, Peter Essoka were made public on Tuesday 19th December 2017.

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Elvis Teke

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