2018 Miss Cameroon: Work to begin in earnest

The 2018 Miss Cameroon finals is over and the winner and her five runners-up are already set to begin working for the one-year mandate.

The first project the six beauty queens will embark on is organising a peace walk in Mamfe which is badly affected by the on-going anglophone crisis.

The young girls of the community will join them in this endeavour to preach peace as a means to ending the crisis plaguing the area.

The winner of the Miss Cameroon contest, Aimée Caroline Nseke, on her part, indicates that she will work with the World Health Organisation (WHO) to continue with her fight against visual impairment.

This fight is something she already started with her organisation, Smile for Life.

In order to properly advocate for the visually impaired, Aimée Caroline Nseke who resides and studies in Switzerland has decided to take a one-year Sabbatical from school so as to focus on meeting her goals as the 2018 Miss Cameroon.

It is worth mentioning that apart from the joint project, the five runners-up each have a plan of action to pursue this 2018.

Eleanor Ayuketah

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