2018 Mount Cameroon Race: Innovations on the way

The 2018 Mount Cameroon Race of hope scheduled to take place on 17th February 2018 is due to welcome innovations this year.

The host for the highly celebrated mountain race is on full gear taking the necessary measures to give the event the weight it deserves.

The organizers intend to make the February 17 event a resounding success. Their intentions were declared during the first preparatory meeting this Tuesday 30th January 2018 chaired by the Minister of Sports and Physical Education, Bidoung Mpatt.

In an exclusive interview granted the CRTV 3 p.m. radio news, the President of the Cameroon Athletics Federation, Emmanuel Motomby Mbome outlined a series of changes to be introduced this year 2018.

The innovations are as follows;

-Renowned guest(s) athletes will be special invitees at this years’ edition of Mount Cameroon Race of Hope.

-The race is going to be executed in accordance with international norms.

-A chronometer will be put up at the Molyko Stadium for the first time.

-Prizes for the first male and female athletes to get to Hut 1, Hut 2, Hut 3 and the Summit of the mountain have been introduced.

-The presence of former winners of the race will be acknowledged with conciliatory prizes.

-A week before the race, a trade fair will be organised to announce the big event.

According to the programme schedule, athletes for the 2018 Mount Cameroon race of Hope will be received on February 16, a day also dedicated for medical check-ups.

Benly Anchunda


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