2019 AFCON : “I am satisfied with the progress of Work at the Olembe Stadium” Naseri Paul Bea


The Centre Regional Governor,Supervisor of sites and facilities  in Yaounde to host the 2019 AFCON, Naseri Paul Bea has expressed satisfaction with the state of progress at the 60000-seater capacity Olembe Stadium.


Governor Naseri Paul made this pronoucement after a guided tour of the Olembe soccer ground this Tuesday 9th January 2018.

The inspection visit of the Governor at the Olembe site that has permanently been colonised by workers and gradually becoming a full fledge stadium comes few days to the visit of the first CAF inspection team to the country to take place this Thursday 11th January 2018.

The Governor’s visit started off with a brief by the Head of the Operations,Marc Debandt on the level of execution of construction works at the site.

After listening to the Head of the Operations,Marc Debandt, the Governor and his close aids were guided, first to the area were the prefabricated equipment from Italy has been  assembled.

At this stage the press men and women were curious to know from the Chief of Operations and the Head of the Construction firm,Piccini why the beams and the slaps had to be fabricated in Italy and not in Cameroon.

Responding to this worry expressed by millions of Cameroonians,Marc Debandt said their first reason was to gain time and ensure that work continues on the site and and the same time in Italy.

He added that Cameroon does not have the precast technology and setting up one would have played in their disfavour since it takes quite sometime and they are working on a deadline.

Concerning the state of work on the soccer ground,Marc Debandt said the setting up of the precast material from the Douala Seaport is ongoing meanwhile the segmentation of the foundations and the tribunes have greatly advanced.

He said on a general note,that work at all levels and in departments is very encouraging as all the personnel are aware of the twelve months deadline.

On his part, the Governor satisfactorily sounded positive after touring all the various sites of work with his collabotrators.

He said the stadium will be delivered on 31st December 2018 and no one is ready for any delays or failure.

The Governor insisted that before the end of February 2018 all preliminary works like the sound,communication systems,lighting and others at the site must have been completed.

Before visiting the Olembe site,the Governor’s convoy toured some ten hotels,hospitals and other facilities sidelined to host  the players during the 2019 AFCON.

His remark was positive but with an instruction for sophisticated and modern equipment to be installed in health units ahead of the CAF’s visit.

Benly Anchunda   

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