Cameroon National Olympic and Sports Committee : What are the responsibilities?

The Cameroon National Olympic and Sports Committee abbreviated CNOSC has as main function to represent sportsmen and women from its country at the Olympic Games while ensuring the protection and the development of the Olympic Movement and amateur sports.

The Cameroon chapter  was created in 1963 and was endorsed by the International Olympic Committee in October 1963. On 23rd June 2000 during the Annual General Assembly of the committee,the members rebranded the structure and baptisted it the Cameroon National  Olympic and Sports Committee,CNOSC.

In line with the constitution that defines the functioning of the Committee, Artcicle 2(1) states that the committee is a non-political and non-profit association.

In the statutes of the committee,the structure has the following as priorities;

-Teach and encourage respect of the fundamental principles of Olympism.

-Act as a link with National Sports Federations affiliated to the International  Federations recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

– Encourage and assist the Government of its country in the enforcement of a Sport Programme for the youth, with a view to developing its character, health and civic sense.

-Oppose any political or commercial interference and any religious or racial discrimination in Sport.

– Propagate a programme meant to enlighten the public and the media on Olympic Philosophy.

In Cameroon the committee has been working closely with the Athletics federation,Judo,Handball,Wrestling and many other federations for the success of sports.

The National Olympic Committees are necessary for the furtherance of the Olympic Movement throughout Cameroon, for it is only through a National Olympic Committee, recognized by the International Olympic Committee, that competitors could be entered in the Olympic Games.

It is laid down in the Charter of the International Committee, and I quote: “National Federations shall forward entries to the Organizing Committee for transmission, if approved, to the Organizing Committee”. The relevant Entry Forms must be signed by the President or Secretary of the National Olympic Committee.

The President of the Cameroon National Olympics and Sports Committee is Colonel Hamad Kalkaba Malboum and Ojong David as the Secretary General.

Benly Anchunda

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