CRTV News: More news for news lovers

The launch of the Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV)’s new channel, CRTV News is a huge step towards CRTV’s mission of satisfying its diverse audience.

CRTV News is four days away and management hopes to stay faithful to the promise of gratifying its viewers with “nothing but the news” on this new channel.

This was re-echoed by the Central Director for TV, Ibrahim Cherif during an interview this 24th January 2018.

He explained that CRTV News shall be dedicated to news meanwhile the mother channel, CRTV will reorganise its schedule. That is to say, continue with its diverse programmes but reduce its numbers of newscasts since the new channel has the mission of providing news updates.

It is worth recalling that the CRTV Director General, Charles Ndongo in an interview on 23rd January 2018 explained that the new channel will begin broadcasting for ten hours, from nine am to seven pm. The Central Director for TV buttresses this idea by explaining that after the ten hours of autonomous broadcasting, CRTV News will broadcast news programmes from the mother channel, CRTV and other partner channels.

This, he explains, will continue till the channel begins a full 24-hour broadcast.

Apart from the ten minutes newscasts every top of the hour and news headlines every half an hour, CRTV News is also expected to broadcast news magazines and micro programmes which focus on various themes.

Audience Reach

To ensure national and international coverage, Ibrahim Cherif indicates that CRTV News will make use of CRTV’s backpack journalists present in the ten regional offices for information from across the country meanwhile partner media agencies will provide information at the international level.

This way, the channel will be for all Cameroonians and those out of Cameroon, especially in Central Africa where CRTV has a great following.

The analysis of news topics will not be left out on CRTV News. The Central Director for TV, Ibrahim Cherif insists that the channel will do news analysis especially during the afternoon and evening prime time newscasts.

With the above, viewers could be certain to be served news in abundance on CRTV News while their preferred programmes on the mother channel, CRTV will still be available.

After CRTV News, management hopes to launch CRTV Sports, the next step towards reaching out to CRTV’s diverse audience.

Eleanor Ayuketah

Une pensée sur “CRTV News: More news for news lovers

  • 25 janvier 2018 à 12 h 34 min

    Good initiative but the starting and the ending time (9am-7pm) is my concern. 7pm is the time that everyone has returned home from work that is when they expect to watch news unfortunately the channel will be off. I suggest it should start frm 5am- 10pm for the start.


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