CCA: Prof Joseph Marie Bipoun Woum takes office


The newly appointed President of the Conciliation and Arbitration Chamber,CCA, of the National Olympics and Sports Committee of Cameroon Professor Joseph Marie Bipoun Woum has been installed into his functions.


He was installed this Wednesday 17th January 2018 alongside Professor  Jean Calvin  Aba’a Oyono appointed Adviser to the president of the Cameroon National Olympic and Sports Committeen CNOSC.

During the ceremony,the President of CNOSC,Colonel Hamad Kalkaba Malboum exhorted the two Professors of Law to use their rich academic and professional background for the growth of the Olympics and Sports Movement in Cameroon.

In his discourse,Hamad Kalkaba Malboum further reviewed the functioning of the Conciliation and Arbitration of Sports, a unit established to settle disputes related to sport through arbitration.

Its headquarters are in Lausanne (Switzerland) and its courts are located in New York City, Sydney and Lausanne. Temporary courts are established in current Olympic host cities.

The new president of the Chamber is a Professor Emeritus and Former Dean of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of the University of Yaounde I.

Apart from being a highly celebrated Professor in International and Constitutional Law, Professor Joseph Marie Bipoun Woum was Minister of Culture in Cameroon in 1992.

In 1994,he was appointed Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports.

In 2008,the Professor Emeritus was appointed member of the Chamber of Arbitration for the International Court of Justice at the Hague for a period of six years.

The new Adviser to the President of CNOSC,Professor Jean Calvin  Aba’a Oyono was born in 1967 in the south of Cameroon.

The Univeristy Professor occupied positions like the Head of the Research  and Head of Department for Public Law in the Universit of Ngaoundere.

He served as law consultant for the European Union,the Director of the Central Services,Administration and Judicial Affairs in  different Ministerial departmenst.

The two were sown in to their various high positions at the courtyard of the National Olympic and Sports head office here in Yaounde.

The event was attended by some cabinet ministers,sport legends,friends and family members of the newly installed.

Benly Anchunda


2 pensées sur “CCA: Prof Joseph Marie Bipoun Woum takes office

  • 13 mars 2018 à 17 h 50 min

    Un autre gouvernement des veillards, où le plus jeune a 70 ans, dans un pays où les gens vivent au trop 60 ans. Normal, le chef d’état à 86, alors il gouverne avec ses camarades de classes de la même génération.

    • 22 septembre 2018 à 23 h 25 min

      Bonsoir et contents de vous compter parmi nos abonnés.


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